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June 25th, 2013, 09:40 PM
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I was nervous about my stamina as well. Liam's was a 60hr labor and Kierans was not the labor I wanted (we thought he was breech when my water broke, as he was 2 days before), so I was a bit scared of doing the labor-for-days things with two other kids running around the house.

I was also terrified to push. Terrified. It was so intensely painful, like exploding internally, the other two times. I was so scared of it I actually asked my nurse, at 8cm dilated, with Jo if anyone had ever passed out while pushing. Lol!! She told me no at the time, and afterward said I scared the crap out of her because she had never had anyone ask her that question. (And I was basically hyperventilating about the circumstances at that point, so I can see the concern!)

And I was a little afraid of what life was going to be with three. And I was a little nervous that my mom wasn't going to be there (she was in Hawaii the week before I delivered) and my husband is NOT good in labor. So yeah, I think I know what you are feeling now. Not so much on the tough memories of a previous labor (although my labor memories of Kierans birth were NOT good), but on the nerves thing.

When it gets to be that time, I think GranolaMama is right, you will welcome it. No matter how long. Or hard. Or "triggering" of old memories. You absolutely can do it again.

Three is actually way easier than I thought, my labor was not a long-ordeal. Pushing was a breeze (and I did not pass out!). So most of those fears turned out unfounded. My midwife gave me a whole speech at one point in my labor about projecting and how women are masters at thinking of things that are so far in the future, we are barely able to see them. And how if we stayed in the moment, we would be so much better off. Blah, blah. But in this case, I think it's pretty good advice. Study up, arm yourself, and then just let the moments come along. I hope this birth is healing for you (and your husband)
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