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June 26th, 2013, 04:27 AM
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I am one of the women here that really has no one besides DH to talk to. I joined JM for that very reason. My mom and dad have passed and my sister has become very distant over the past 5 years, as have my brothers. I have no real friends to speak of anymore. With 6 kids, a DH that works odd hours and no free time, I don't have time to go hang out or even be on the phone. My JM time is 5-6am before all the kids are awake. Pregnancy is an amazing tide of happiness, sadness, fear and excitement. It makes it feel very lonely when there is no one to talk to, especially if something may be going wrong. Yes hearing about poor genetic testing results is hard to read and now I am in the category myself and have found myself NOT coming to JM any longer for support with this. I had the MaterniT21 test do e yesterday and have no one to discuss my fears with now! JM is filled with women who have fears... Can't get pregnant, pregnant too soon, miscarriages, and all sorts of hard issues to live through and to read about. I thought that was the point if JM... SUPPORT! So what is the Due Date Club about then... Giggling over recipes and baby names... Sure that is part of it, but not every pregnancy is a breeze and not every woman is having an easy go of it. I hope we are still able to have serious discussions here, otherwise I really have no where to turn. This was not meant to offend anyone, just posting my thoughts.
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