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June 26th, 2013, 10:10 AM
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I was induced because I was overdue. I tried so hard with Addy to go on my own, but nothing was working. With Reagan, I actually was starting to go into labor when they admitted me, but I still needed the foley bulb because the contractions were NOT opening my cervix like they should have. I had it twice, because of the same reason with Addy. I didn't need as much pitocin with Addy, once my water was broken, bam, contractions started every 2 minutes.

I had an epi both times, no complications. With Reagan I also had Stadol, which I decided not to do again because I was way too groggy during labor and it made it really hard for me to put my all into pushing, so it took me almost 2 hours to push. With Addy, she came out in 10 minutes!
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