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June 26th, 2013, 10:49 AM
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Well I am going to introduce myself again because I have been in and out of the group for a while.

My name is Sarah Ann and I'm 33 years old. DH is 30 and we have been married since October 2010 although known each other since 2004. We have been trying to conceive since we got married but with major difficulties. (Most will be shocked I know but DH and I didn't "do the deed" until we were married) I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2004/2005 although I basically diagnosed myself YEARS before but my doctor wouldn't listen to me for a long time.

I have a number of PCOS symptoms:
Weight gain/Excess Weight
No menstrual cycles for months on end and when it did show up would stick around 100 - 200 days at a time
Hair on my upper lip and chin as well as on the knuckles of my hands and toes
Dark patches of skin where there are bends in my joints

I tried EVERYTHING to lose weight because I knew that would help me immensely but no matter what I did I couldn't lose the weight. DH and I tried so much to have a baby but nothing was working. I was on Metformin for a bit and then also on Clomid but no matter what, because of my weight nothing really worked. I didn't have a regular cycle and even tracking my temps, fluids, and using OPKs wasn't shedding much light except that I was completely messed up.

In September 2012 I had Lap-Band surgery for many reasons but one reason I had deep down all along was so that I could start a family and be around to actually see my children grown up. Since September I have lost 86lbs and although I still have 100lbs to go to my goal almost immediately after surgery I started to have a period on my own. No meds no nothing. They haven't been regular by any means but at least they were showing up which was more than I could say for before.

A few days ago I started to get sore breasts and it is something VERY new for me. I never had that before. I thought what the heck I would take some OPKs to see what was going on. Just so you know in the past I took them but never ever got anything more than the faintest of lines.

Here are tests I took the last 3 days (I will be taking another one tonight as well of course)

Would you all say I actually ovulated on Tuesday or no?

DH and I have never stopped BDing of course, however, I would LOVE to know if this is an actual Positive OPK or not.

I know it is late in the cycle for ovulation but at this point I will take any day that produces an actual ovulation!

Happily but Cautiously Awaiting our First!

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