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June 26th, 2013, 10:51 AM
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Thanks for the encouragement!

We got some good news last week from the RE. Turns out I do not have a cyst! He doesn't know why I didn't have a period. He said I likely just absorbed the lining rather than shedding it. I didn't know that was possible. So all my levels are back at baseline.

We are starting another IUI cycle this month with Follistim. This morning CD 9 we spotted a 12mm on the left ovary - woohoo! All quiet on the right. This is good news, it seems, because there is a lead follie rather than all of them growing at once like last time. We'll see what happens.

So nothing too earth-shattering here in this update but figured I would add the next chapter in case there are any lurkers out there in a similar situation.
Me: 36 DH: 33
DD: July 2012

May-June 2013: Follistim + IUI = overstimulated, cycle cancelled
July 2013: Follistim + IUI = m/c at 4.5 weeks
August-Sept 2013: BCPs then IVF = freeze-all due to OHSS risk
October 2013: Natural cycle = BFN
November 6, 2013: Day 1 !!!!
November 24, 2013: Transferred one thawed euploid male embryo
November 29, 2013: BFP!
August 12, 2014: Cautiously hoping for this due date

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