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June 26th, 2013, 11:24 AM
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Our board is very slow as you can see and it seems we aren't alone. As July and August in particular, and potentially October down the line, are also experiencing less activity on the JM board for their PR there has been talk amongst some of the hosts and ex-hosts about possibly merging in order to still maintain a reasonably active support group for moms of babies of similar age on JM for those who prefer it and/or don't have FB.

This doesn't mean merging the private group, that can be deleted as people obviously have the option of FB groups to talk to just their original PR, just the main PR board itself.

If you still come on JM please vote and/or post opinions. The other boards will be polled as well so nothing at all is set in stone, it's just a discussion at the moment. Thanks.

I want to add, that I truly love JM and I would really love to have an active board here to share our babies and their milestones and questions too! This seems like a good option to make that happen.

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