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June 26th, 2013, 11:44 AM
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Sooo yesterday when i drop bubs off at gramma's she shows me this thing on her back. i have something similar in my arm pit. . .Its also similar to what was in my vag area (they told me was folliculitis and hot compress till the rupture and go away) which they did. Anyway. . . her back thing is bigger than mine, so she goes to the doctor. He tells her he THINKS its a staph infection. Sends her to have it cut out, since its not open. She tells him about me having something similar and he says send her here. . . SOOOO i go there show him my pit mine was draining though, so he took a culture and said he will have the results PROBABLY by friday. He thinks I have a staph infection also. . . or MRSA even, BUT he is not sure, he says it could just be an infection that can be treated quickly, the reason he cant do anything is bc I am pregnant SO if it is something scary I have to just keep draining the crap and use some wash so it doesnt spread until the baby is out then I can be treated. . .I am crying hysterical from about 9am yesterday til today because I am terrified I am going to die. My friend said that i won't, the doctor said i wont but come on. . .How I can just relax. I am just scared and depressed and i have no idea what to do anymore. . .
PLEASEEEE don't post anything scary about any of these things because I am already terrified lol. thank you!

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