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June 26th, 2013, 07:49 PM
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I mostly lurk on here. DH an I have been TTC #3 since the end of July last year. I took a test at 11 dpo and it was bfn. Today I am 13 dpo and for the fun of it decided to take a dollar tree test before I cooked dinner. At the 5 minute mark it was bfn so I put it in the cabinet and went on to cook. I just went in the bathroom to throw it away (4 hours later) and it has two pink lines. I wish I had checked it before the ten minute mark. I thought evap lines were normally grey but this one is as pink as the control line just not as dark. I have one test lest and I guess I will hold off for tomorrow morning but it is hard. What do you all think? Are evap lines pink?
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