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June 26th, 2013, 07:51 PM
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The exhaustion is starting to set it...I think.

I normally teach RPM (indoor cycling) at 5:45am on Wednesdays, but the teacher who was previously coaching it offered to sub for me this week. WONDERFUL! Because after Tuesday's long day at school I was so happy to have the opportunity to sleep in. Not to mention that it meant I didn't have a SINGLE thing on my calendar for the day. So I slept in, ate waffles, went to yoga, accompanied my husband and his friend to the local bike shop, came back home, napped, and took my dog on a long walk.

Today that nausea wasn't as bad as other days, but I still dropped by my local doc in hopes of getting a RX for Zofran. Mission accomplished. The pharmacist's jaw dropped when my insurance covered 60 pills with no problem. Apparently that just doesn't happen too often. It's nice to catch a break.

So my husband and his buddy decided to go down to a local bike/run route and take the road bikes. That meant that my husband had to buy road shoes and the clips to go with them. With road bikes you often buy a stiff soled shoe and clips that "clip in" to the pedals. It's just a weird thing but they are actually called "clipless" pedals. Anyway, my husband is loaning his road bike to a friend and riding mine in the meantime. I won't let him take off my pedals because I plan to get a trainer (bike stand you can ride on in the house) so I can keep up my fitness as much as possible...and I want to use my road shoes. Botton line the deal was that if my husband was going to ride my bike then he had to purchase the shoes with clips because he wasn't going to be changing my pedals. It was hilarious to see him trying on the shoes and then watching his look of terror as he tried to clip in and out with one foot. The danger with having your shoes stuck to your pedals is that you may either 1) forget to unclip at a stop and fall over or 2) fall over because you can't unclip bc you aren't used to it. He said he didn't fall over. But that's probably a lie. Poor husband ended up texting me that he was out of juice and sent his friend to ride back to the car to get it to drive to pick him up. Poor guy! But it was hard for me to watch him drive away with my bike from the bike shop. I'll miss riding on the road.

Tomorrow is my midterm for my summer class. People are all worried, which is silly. It's only 30 multiple choice questions. Nothing hard. I've taught this class in undergrad 3 times so it's been a WASTE of time for me. Waste of time. The professor is evening allowing an 8.5x11 piece of notebook paper as a cheat sheet. Part of me wants to use no cheat sheet to test how well I really do know the material.

We settled our travel plans to see both my parents and the in laws in a couple of weeks. I need to start thinking about how I will announce. I think with husband's dad we can just say it. But for my parents I want to give them a gift and then watch them open it and figure it out.

I guess I'm pretty boring today.

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