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June 26th, 2013, 08:42 PM
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I don't feel that I'm that busy, its just hard for me to sit down on the laptop and type out responses! Cooper is now 3.5 months and getting huge! He's at least 17 lbs. He started rolling over this week, from his back to his tummy, which came much later with Maddie so I wasn't quite ready, and now of course he loves sleeping on his tummy. He's still in our bed and wants nothing to do with his crib. Maddie started pre-school camp a few weeks ago and LOVES it. Every time we go to pick her up, she tells us to leave!

We went to see Circus Flora last week which was awesome, Maddie loved it, Cooper slept in the Moby the entire time! Next week we're seeing Shrek the Musical at the Muny (an outdoor theater) and then we're going to visit DH's family in Michigan over 4th of July. Then we'll be out to KC for my sister's c/s (complete placenta previa ) I'm excited to have a new baby niece, but sad that Cooper won't be the baby of the family any more.

Here's a pic of Cooper and Maddie from last week

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