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June 26th, 2013, 10:52 PM
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just got back from my girls weekend and that was a blast, helped pass time for me. I'm going to test tomorrow because I have no idea if my body intended this month to be a normal 28 day cycle and since it's always been 28 days (except after baby #2) I'm going to test tomorrow as that would be 1st day of period. I have four test so I'm testing tomorrow then this following Friday and if those are negative and still no period then I'll test July 3rd (according to my last cycle which was 33 days long, not a norm for me, I "should" start period July 2nd "if" I'm on a 33 day cycle this month).. then I have one more test I can use if still negative by then. I have been a lot more tired lately, cramps that are sharp (like the kind I had with 1st two pregnancies) and peeing like crazy along with headaches (also a normal pregnancy symptom for me). Gosh you would think after having 2 kids that this stuff would be easier but it never is lol
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