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June 27th, 2013, 05:37 AM
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I was a pack a day smoker when i got my bfp with Connor it took me 3 packs to quit what ended up working the best for me was simply refusing to buy more................... I know that sounds stupid but it was very hard the convince myself that I didnt need the cigs. on some days it was even hard to convince myself the cigs were bad for my LO's development.......... but some how convinceing myself that I chouldnt afford them so i had to wait for my next pay check or that I chouldnt find my ID so id have to clean up the house first or that they whouldnt sell them to me becuse I was pregnant worked for me...........also sometimes handing your debit card to your better half and saying dont let me have this back unless im getting grocerys and your going with me works to

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