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June 27th, 2013, 08:24 AM
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I love it. I really do.

but it kills me that I can't pump enough to feed enough to Corbin in bottles but he won't latch on for very long. He's now getting probably 3 or 4 oz of formula a day divided up between the bottles. It's become a huge battle. Then no one believes me that I'm giving him enough expressed milk. I give him 2 oz then he nurses and probably gets anywhere form .5 oz to 1 oz nursing and on top of that at some feedings I give him .5 to 1 oz of formula. He's not starving but my mom swears he is. He fights latching on most of the time. Two or three times a day he does amazing and has a great nursing session but not much more than that. To make matters worse at 3 weeks he's still just below his birth weight.

Its killing my supply for two.

Nolan on the other hand loves breastfeeding. He's gaining well. sleeps well. He really enjoys our feeding time.

It just kills me to have them split like this. I almost feel like it would just be better to switch them both to formula.

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