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June 27th, 2013, 11:03 AM
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This is how Henry is too, and I'm totally basking in it. My DD was also really high needs, though I wouldn't say colicky...she was just a lot more difficult. I was also a lot more frazzled being a FTM so maybe the experience is just making it seem easier this time around. All Henry wants to do is eat and sleep, and when he's awake he's just silent and wide-eyed. He almost never fusses. He sleeps with me at night and I let him nurse pretty much all night long so I don't know how long he would go between feelings if I put him down; I'm honestly just enjoying the snuggles too much. With DD I felt really overwhelmed and just wanted to put her down whenever I could so I could do some things for myself. This time I have more help and I'm more than content just nursing and staring at him and letting DH run the show.

I certainly don't think there's anything wrong. Just consider yourself more relaxed because this isn't your first time at the rodeo, and lucky because you have a laid-back babe!

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