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June 27th, 2013, 05:40 PM
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With prolonging bed time, we had to get to the ultimate decision of doing his bed time routine and then going to his room with the door closed ( child lock on so he cannot get out ) We do just like you, shorten the routine if he misbehaves.
Public places are not too bad for us, Milan is great in public, he has his own shopping cart and helps us shop, if he misbehaves, he put him into a big cart even if he is screaming. How about having your LO participate in shopping? Getting several things. It might take a little longer, but less stressful. Or if that would not work for you, you can have him be busy by asking colors, name foods, or talk to him about what to get next and what you are going to cook with it... creative things to keep his mind off trouble.
We have one time out chair, but sometimes we simply ask him to sit down on the floor and think about what he had done wrong.

The bath thing.. I don't think it is too late to put him in a time out after drying and putting his diaper on. While getting dressed you tell him that you are upset, nothing else and put him down when he is ready. They are smarter than we think.

We also give rewards for sleeping well through the night, for being nice.. and so on.
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