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June 27th, 2013, 06:06 PM
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I think it's natural to be worried/nervous/etc. about each birth, even if you've done it before. I'm nervous this time around because it's twins, but I'm sure I would be even it I were just having one! I, fortunately, have not experienced a prolonged labor. My first was induced and about 7 hours (which I've been told is fast for an induction of a FTM), and my second was natural and just under 2 hours. My midwife told me after my 2nd that future births would probably be just as fast if not faster. I wonder if that is true (anyone know?), and am preparing for that scenario...but I'm hoping she did not jinx for me for a super long labor! The whole thing is a crap shoot each time, and this time it's going to be even more so for me with two to worry about. Eek! But..I am very excited! I think the actual labor and birth - although painful - is kind of fun in a way.

Right after my 2nd one of the nurses asked if I was ready for more husband replied for me that I want 11 kids. I smiled, because it was kind of true...not that I have a specific number in mind, but that I do want a large family and that birth certainly did not scare me off from having more. I'd do it again the next day if I could. LOL. Maybe that makes me weird.... ?

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