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June 27th, 2013, 06:30 PM
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Here are pics of the first response. I'm not sure as my cycle last month was 33 days long instead of the normal 28 day cycle so I have no idea if this month was supposed to be a 28 day cycle (if so today is first day of period) or another 33 day cycle (if it is then first day of period isn't until July 2nd). I didn't do temps or ovulation kits either to add to the guessing lol Right now I'm just going off of my body and assuming I most "likely" should be on a 28 or 29 day cycle this month.

here is the test: Again, the EPT test showed a darker positive line (I had this happen with my first pregnancy).

Here it is with image sharpened:

In person, you can see where the positive line is and a very very light amount of pink. Cramps have increased today but I feel them more in my lower back (I normally don't get those types of cramps) along with sharp cramps when I move or twist too fast (had those early on in both pregnancies). And just today I have an increase in my mucus, also had an increase of mucus with both prenancies right around AF was about to start. I'm not taking these tests as positives yet, will test tomorrow but sure hoping I am!
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