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June 27th, 2013, 06:31 PM
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Ok.... I am going crazy here. I really hope this might be *it* for me finally. My boobies are sore... which is not really a tell-tale sign of anything for me because it seems like my boobies are sore every other cycle. I've been having crazy dreams and trouble sleeping, not pregnancy related ones either so it's not just because I'm obsessing about that. I was feeling light headed and shaky this afternoon... even though I had eaten... albeit not a ton but I normally don't get light headed or jittery even if I completely skip a meal or two. I hurried up and downed a giant glass of milk and ate a few ounces of ham and then I felt better after a while. None of these are really signs of anything and I am probably grasping at straws.... 7 DPO... normally I would start spotting tomorrow or the next day.... so we'll see.... but yeah... I tested this morning because of my short LP I would rarely get to test if I waited til 10 DPO... I thought I might have seen a line.. but it was sooo faint it won't show up in a picture, and it was probably an evap anyway...I had never seen an evap until this stupid batch of Wondfos. I'll test again tomorrow with SMU.... since I usually drink a ton of water right before bed... and I'll keep testing every day til AF shows because I'm flippin' crazy.... if AF shows on time I'll only have wasted 4 ICs total.... and if I use more than that, I'll finally be rid of this "bad batch."
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