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June 27th, 2013, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by beatlechicksteph View Post
Didn't know to point his penis down, that's good to remember. We haven't had an accident, but OMG does this child like to pee during diaper changes. We've started covering him with a washcloth, so that if he does pee it goes in that, and not all over the place. I feel like such a noob every time it happens though. You would think after a month we would have a hang of this...
Glad I am not the only one struggling with changing a boy's diaper. My son also pees up his back etc. I have started to hate onesies because getting these over his head when I have to change him throughout the day is annoying. The other day I put a onesie that was a little too big on because that one didn't need to be pulled over his head.
The middle of the night changes are the worst.
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