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June 27th, 2013, 08:02 PM
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Oh, glad it's more fun to get on the scale now. I'm definitely looking forward to shrinking once baby's out of there.

Yes, freezer meals are done. I have left a little room in the front of the freezer for important things like ice cream and a spare loaf of bread, but a lot of the freezer is filled with frozen stuff that can just be microwaved, even if it won't taste super awesome that way. In a couple of months I may switch over to preparing foods that need to be baked once they're unfrozen -- I'm sure a lot of stuff is better that way. I just want to take it easy in July though.

My doctor is going to leave my cervix alone unless I'm overdue, thank goodness. I was checked about 2 weeks ago, and I was fingertip dilated. Yesterday I thought I might be laboring soon, because I was kind of crampy and manic, but things seem back to normal (tired and with Braxton Hicks only) today. What is it that makes you feel like your baby will come before the C-section date?

Do you have anything you still want to do before baby arrives? We still need a name, but otherwise we're mostly ready. Today I'm sanitizing my pump and starting to pack for the hospital.

Enjoy this last month....
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