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June 28th, 2013, 07:12 AM
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This subject makes me weepy (or maybe it is the baby blues). My husband couldn't even keep an erection for the last 20 weeks of my pregnancy because he didn't like the idea of his penis being so close to his baby. The few times we did try, it was very painful and uncomfortable for me anyways so I just kind of let it go.

I did have a c-section, but for some reason, my lady bits are sore (probably from the pads) and really tight and still a little swollen.

Last night, we spoon-cuddled in bed and his body was showing interest in mine and he said

"I can't wait til you finish healing. I'm going to give you the best 37 seconds of your life!"

I laughed cause it was funny and I really do miss the intimacy, but I'm also really afraid it is going to be awkward and painful or he will lose his erection (and crush my self esteem) or something.

He is getting snipped on monday, so I know I have at least another week before I need to worry about it.

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