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June 28th, 2013, 09:11 AM
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did anyone have a baby with severe ABO incompatibility? i have O blood and DH has A. DS got his A blood and had "the most severe case of ABO incompatibility" that my local hospital had seen. his bili was a 26 at 3 days old and he had lost over 15% of his birth weight by that time. he was re-admitted to the ICU and put under triple light therapy and an IV. luckily we didn't have to be transferred to CHOP for an exchange blood transfusion (they initially told me to prepare for that). anyway, it's been almost 4.5 years, and i've blocked out a lot of what happened that first week of his life b/c it was scary! now that labor is imminent, i'm starting to get scared that this baby will have the same issues. it is what it is, and i'm trying to tell myself that we got through it before, so it will be easier this time since i know what to expect. but i'm also freaking out b/c i'd really like a healthy baby that i can just take home this time!
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