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June 28th, 2013, 09:24 AM
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I was hoping since my DH & I were together this month for all my fertile days that we would get lucky but I think I'm out . My boobs starting hurting yesterday which is exactly 1 week before AF is due and they normally start hurting then . I had a temp dip 2 days ago like implantation dip but I also didn't sleep well and I had a implantation dip last month and for a bfn last month . We won't be able to TTC tell September again which sucks but Gods got the plan . I worry though that I am getting a implantation dip and then not having that egg stick for some reason . Has anyone else regularly gotten an implantation dip at 6-7 dpo? Should I think much about it ? I've had successful pregnancy in the past so I'm trying not to worry . Hope everyone gets BFP this summer!
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