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June 28th, 2013, 11:19 AM
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And this is why I still come around here... Even after adopting two children I was still jealous of other peoples pregnancies and babies. Particularly those who fell pregnant and had no business being pregnant. It helped that when i adopted my kids I was single and had no business ttc.

Fertilities is such a fickle thing. I got my first baby after 9 years of not using any protection three of those years married and TTC. Infertility was too much for my imature marriage, and was a contributing factor in my divorce. My divorce was final Oct 23, he got remarried Dec 23rd, and they had their first of four children in August.

After having my opppse baby it wasn't until being married again for three years and giving up on infertility treatment that i got pregnant with Scarlett. After he we had three losses and I swear that Beau was worth every tear. Tessa was a fluke, I swear, and she is only 13 months younger than Beau.

I thought everything was great until i lost Seth, buit for me trying again as soon as possible was best. Everything is going well with Cade he is viaable and active, I know there is no guarentees but seriosuly there never is.

When you do get your rainbow baby that moment with be so sweet. And you will be happy for everyone who is blessed, even if you are TTC again. I think that everyone even those with perfect reproductive history is annoyed by people who have no business having kids so that never goes away.

Good luck and many blessings.
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