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June 28th, 2013, 11:55 AM
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For the entire hour I was awake at 3 am nursing Henry last night, I thought in my sleep deprived state that it would be a good idea to attempt one of those cute photoshoots with the adorable sleeping naked newborn. How hard could it be? Set up a sheet for a back drop, put a fluffy blanket in a basket, and place sleepy newborn in said basket. I got it all set up, Henry had nursed himself asleep, so I stripped him. He is not a fan of baskets apparently. Or being naked. My girls are being rambunctious in the room, so I'm fussing at them. I made an attempt to nurse naked Henry back to sleep, and I was only successful at relaxing him enough to where he peed all over me. Great! My five year old keeps pointing out the obvious "Mommy he peed on you. Your shirt is wet." Second attempt at getting in the basket didn't work either since he hadn't burped yet. So I'm bouncing around the room trying to burp naked Henry still wearing my pee soaked shirt because darn it I was going to get that shot. Well he burped, and then pooped in my hand. Sigh. I give up. I have a lot of respect for newborn photographers. Clearly that is not a job in my future.

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