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June 28th, 2013, 01:21 PM
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Dear Boobies, why in the world do you have to be so difficult? Its obvious I have flat nipples and the only side Tristan can even latch onto with any success and you won't give up any nummys to him. Grr cooperate already!!

When I pump to get milk for him one boob is doing super awesome and putting out about a half ounce of colostrum...the other boob is anywhere from a few drops to maybe a teaspoon. And that happens to be the only one little man can latch too. However!!! It takes a long time to get even that small amount from that boob while pumping like seriously 20 minutes.And obviously little man is not that patient to suck that long. And of course the one boob he can't latch onto at all has no problems producing at all! And he will take a bottle but he won't nurse with the shield at all. Sigh! I am not sure why he won't with the shield but he also hates a pacifier but loves his fingers. So frustrated!

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