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June 28th, 2013, 01:50 PM
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I'm not sure what a side by side atv is? But it sounds fun! I have some great memories of midnight trips on the atv, lol! (gosh, I hope my kids don't turn out like me!)

Congrats to the friend, FW! Speaking of names that are hard to pull off, I'm in love with the nn 'Birdy'. I was having one of my 'baby fever days' and told dh I wanted another and would name her Bridgetta nn Birdy....he laughed so hard! Jerk!
He did say he liked Penelope Rose nn 'Posy' though but no babies so it doesn't matter.

Ok, went a little off topic there....

Anyone got any cool plans this weekend? I don't, lol!
I have a couple photo sessions, just freebies so that kinda blows but I need the practice. I feel like we are so boring here. But I guess football and cheerleading starts in two weeks so we'll be busy again soon.

Just saw your post UM, I'd totally make them wait outside!

I guess I missed yours too, M2M. That sucks though. I won't put carpet in the kids rooms, I decided to wait until they are more mature...or move out, lol! I need it badly in the living room though.
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