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June 28th, 2013, 04:08 PM
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With my first I knew because my symptoms were SO strong days before missing AF. But with all 3 of my babies I knew the gender from conception. A mix between mothers intuition and physical symptoms I guess. DD #1 I told everyone I was having a girl when I was like 9 weeks along. People thought I was crazy. But I had a dream that I was having my beautiful little brown eyed girl and I was right. Then I got pregnant with DS and I told DH a few days after getting my BFP that we were having a boy. He of course didn't trust me on just my word til we got the gender scan and then he looked at me like I have ESP or something Then my youngest I told DH again that we were going to have girl. His response was "theres no way you can call all 3 right". We even bet on it. If he was right then he could name him. If I was right I could. Of course he then cheated and didn't let me use ANY name I wanted when he was told the gender

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