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June 28th, 2013, 08:01 PM
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Cortney, my boys room in the basement flooded. I got all of the water out, went and got some of those massive fans and set them on the carpet down there. These are huge throw rugs, bigger then an 8x12, the basement actually has cement floors that are a little pot marked cause they are old. We only put the carpets down because in the winter that cement can fell like ice. That ******* was heavy it was completely soaked and stunk to high heaven. On it's road trip to the basement (the water) must have went through some nasty stuff.

I can say the smell almost completely gone now. Thank goodness cause it was horrible to breath, even up stairs in the upper part of the house.

I agree though about carpets and kids, everything up stairs have carpets, even the kitchen and even though I clean then regularly they are not clean looking. they're clean but you wouldn't know it by looking at it.

I've got to find a washer this weekend. There's a place that sells refurbished with a years guarantee for about $100. I just need someone to help me get it, and get it into the basement. Sam's boyfriend offered to help me Sunday or Monday.

Beyond that I'm hoping for an uneventful week cause the 4th is HUGE out here and if this heat keeps up I'm gonna need all of my energy. can do it!

Same for you BM8!
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