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June 28th, 2013, 08:31 PM
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It's really freaking hot here, too. I'm originally from Washington State, also, but a warmer part than where you are. So I'm used to the heat, but not this humidity! seriously makes it feel like 20 degrees hotter than it is and feels like you're in a sauna. It's even hot on the rainy days. We tried taking Kaeldra to the mall yesterday, but she was way too hot by the time we got there and couldn't stay long (they seem to keep the temperature in the buildings here really warm, too). Poor baby. I know I was sweating a ton by the time we got back home, so I'm sure she was uncomfortable! We do have A/C, though. Seriously would not be able to live here without gets to be about 100 degrees upstairs when it's not turned on, and it'll get hotter pretty soon.

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