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June 28th, 2013, 08:52 PM
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I exclusively pump right now, so keep that in mind. For the first 2.5 weeks I was pumping every 2 hours, day and night:

Day 1-3: mostly colostrum and I got about 1/4-1/2 an oz. Around the 1/2oz mark was when my milk came in. My milk came in pretty fast with Alex, too.

Day 4-7: 1/2 oz to sometimes an ounce.

Day 7-14: 2-4 oz

Day 17ish: I began overproducing. The heavy pumping schedule coupled with my fenugreek/mother's milk/flax supplements I began to pump 5-6 oz every time. That lasted about 3 days before I finally got it under control by switching to every 3 hours and stopping my supplements.

Day 21-present: 3-4oz every 3 hours. I'm still overproducing because Rowan is only eating 1.5-2oz every 2-3 hours now. But I like having a bit extra to freeze. I am now 2 days ahead of his eating needs. I expect that when he is finally able to switch to the breast that he will be eating 3 oz every 2-3 hours which will match my level of output perfectly

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