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June 28th, 2013, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by phantomsgrl11 View Post
Do you feel the let down? With a 15-20 minute pumping session I normally feel two let downs like a big rush of milk and I notice the few minutes after that is when my bottles really start to fill.

I also know that unless I am completely calm ie no crying baby, no stressful distractions (ie yelling at my toddler) I will get hardly any milk. But if I am able to be calm - the milk just flows.
A few times i fell asleep while pumping and when DH woke me up I was shocked to see that I had 6 ounces. I get record lows when I'm trying to calm down an upset toddler, pump, and feed a hungry baby at the same time. Stress/calmness definitely affect how much you pump.

When I pumped for Alex a year or so ago breast compressions/massages never worked for me, but now they do. Try to use your thumbs and massage in a circular motion and move on down towards your nipples. When you feel a bump/lump just stay there and push on it a bit. After a bit it will "deflate".

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