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June 29th, 2013, 12:13 AM
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1. What is your favorite animal for a pet? That's a hard one for me because I have had some great pets growing up. My 3 most memorable and loved were a cockatiel, a ferret, and my blue and gold macaw (in my siggy pictures).
2. What is your favorite animal overall? I'm a sucker for sea turtles and I also love otters. Before I die I want to see a baby sea turtle in person.
3. What animal do you see most often in the wild? Squirrels.
4. What animal are you most scared of? Anything with big teeth and claws like a lion, tiger, or bear
5. Do you have any accessories, clothes etc with animal pictures? DH has 2 t-shirts with a parrot on it that I occasionally wear. I have a teddy bear necklace with matching ear rings and DH bought me a few fishing t-shirts if that counts.

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