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June 29th, 2013, 04:09 AM
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Hello my lovely ladies . I know I have been pretty absent lately but I am still around, checking in on you, thinking of you all and making the occasional post. I have been pretty quiet since my doc appt but it's mostly just been a combination of waiting to hear from the gyno I was referred to (hoping to this coming week), working and commuting and taking some time to relax with a good book . The idea of going to the gyno scares me a little because I am scared that something is wrong with me so I have been trying to just keep pretty zen and relaxed about everything. I have done waaaaay less monitoring this cycle and just been enjoying time with DH. I figure if I end up needing an appt with the gyno then maybe I can start up monitoring.more closely then again. I will be happy if our chilled fun cycle results in a bfp. Had a good hard cry to myself the other day on a drive home from a pregnancy and childrens expo after being absolutely fine all day. I felt better afterwards though.A friend had free tickets and I thought it would be fun. It was and I got lots of cool free stuff but I guess I wasn't quite as ok as I thought I was. I haven't left but I have just been taking some time to look after me .

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