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June 29th, 2013, 06:39 AM
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I also PMd a bunch of previous members about all the plans and trying to tempt them back for a bit of a reunion this summer, if not to come back and post occasionally. Man, I'd love to see some of those ladies again. I have a few of them on FB, but not all, and there have been a lot of people come here over the years who just tailed off and I've wondered about them ever since.

I'm going to start some summer GTKY games and threads next week as well as - but of course - some summer QQOTDs. Not to mention planning for our virtual love-in, secret soul sister sign-ups and hopefully, at some point soon, beginning voting for the member awards (I would really like to get even a few more participants first).

If anyone has any other ideas please feel free to suggest them or start them!!

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