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June 29th, 2013, 09:44 AM
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Well I dont really recognize alot of your names I guess alot of people must have gotten their positives : ) So Im just going to briefly introduce myself. Fist off my name is Alena and my fiancee is named James we are getting married in less then a month. I have had two losses one an undiagnosed tubular pregnancy that burst at 10 weeks and I had to have my right tube taken out. After trying to get pregnant for 8 months we finally got pregnant but we found out it was a cornual pregnancy and my doctor tried to treat with methotrexate but it burst anyway and I had to have a part of my uterus removed. That was in Feb and my doctor told me to wait about 5 months to ttc.

So its a tiny bit early but I was speaking with a close family member and she had mentioned that she may be ovulating soon due to her cm. I was taking a shower an decided to check my cervix and guess what high soft and open so hopefully I didnt miss my fertile window Im on cd 14

if anyone wants info on your cervix there is a great site but it is graphic
Your Cycle | Beautiful Cervix Project
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