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June 29th, 2013, 09:51 AM
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Hello fellow mom to be's

I joined this website after my friend encouraged me to, she said I would get some advice from people going through the same thing. Here is my story..

I just turned 26 years old, live at home with my parents, have a good job. In November, I had a 'friends with benefits' situation going on. He and I were actually really close. We had feelings for each other but neither of us wanted to be in a relationship. The crazy part is that we work together though, so we see each other on a regular basis. We are still good friends but the physical part stopped long ago.

My family and I are close but I've never had that relationship with my parents where we talk about certain topics, i.e. sex, relationships, etc. I am the youngest of four children and have always spent my life trying to make them proud and this I know will kill them. I am due October 13 so I am just about 25 weeks and haven't told them yet. I know this is horrible but as each day passes it gets harder and harder. This wasn't planned, isn't with someone who I want to be with, and interferes with my career at work. I know babies and life 'happen' and we never are truly able to make a plan for our lives but I am just at a loss for what to tell them.

I feel like they are going to be so disappointed in me. I am not a child either, I am 26 so realistically, who am I to bring another person into their home to live? I have a few close friends who are waiting arms opened if the worst happens and will take me and the baby in but I just wish it would never have come to this. I wish I was married, settled, and ready to be a parent.

I want to get it over with though, every day I wait is agony and I really don't know what to do..
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