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June 29th, 2013, 02:09 PM
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OK. MC on May 27 at 5w3d. No AF since then, Monday is 5 weeks. I know I ovulated on June 18 due to POS OPK digital test. I do not know if i ovulated earlier than that, which is a possibility I am reading.

Well, took a test Thursday: BFN. Literally, the next morning, my breasts became very tender, and have been getting increasingly sore into today. Also, I had been having mild cramping, thinking AF was coming.

So, I know this could be AF starting to show, or is it that I all of the sudden starting having symptoms and am pregnant again.

Is it possible for symptoms to change/show THAT quickly and rapidly? Or, am I over thinking it? This is why I think I am losing my mind because I can think about nothing else right now!!

Any and all thoughts, advice or suggestions are welcome!!
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