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June 29th, 2013, 11:26 PM
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I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2008 and have used both birth control and metformin to help with regulating cycles, but as soon as I came off of both of them they seem to make the PCOS symptoms even worse. I gained 60 pounds over a few years, AF has been non-existent and the dark areas on my skin seem to be getting worse.

I got married a year ago and DH and I have been TTC since our wedding night. A year later we are still trying and I refuse to go back on metformin. I did not adjust well to it and was sick to my stomach for months. Recently, I was doing research on alternatives and came across the vitex/chaste berry supplement and spent hours looking at different reviews and a few clinical trials. For the most part it seemed like a good option for PCOS sufferers and made me very hopeful.

Last Saturday (6/22), the supplement arrived in the mail and I began taking it. Today, for the first time in over a year, I started cramping and actually feel like AF might be just around the corner. I have never been so excited in my life to bleed between the legs! I even went out tonight and bought feminine products that I have not had to use since before I was married.

We are not getting over-the-top excited yet, but I do feel like something is going on down there.

Has anyone else tried vitex/chaste berry? I would love to hear stories from those who have or who know someone who has.

-------------------------UPDATE 7/5/2013-------------------------------------

So, as stated below in the comments, I came home on the night of the 3rd and was spotting. Well, I woke up the next morning and spotting had stopped. I still had some very mild cramping, but as of the afternoon and evening of the 4th that had gone away also.

It is now the late afternoon of the 5th and I have no spotting or cramping, but some very mild back pain. This could be because I didnt sleep well though. I am feeling a little disappointed as I thought the witch was about to visit, but I am still hopeful.

Last Friday night and Saturday morning (6/28-6/29) was when the cramping initially started and very late Saturday night I went to the store and picked up some feminine products and a pack of OPKs. I took one that night and it showed a faint line, which of course is negative for O. When the cramping started back up on the 3rd, I checked again, but this time the line was even more faint. Yesterday, (afternoon of the 4th) I did one more just to see what the line would look like and I could barely see it at all.

This brings up a question that I need help with since I am new to OPKs and since I have had the witch rear her ugly head yet. Is it possible that the first cramping I felt was actually O and the lines got lighter and lighter as I tested because I was getting farther away from it? I have heard cases with women using Vitex that it made them O in the first week of using it and they ended up with a BFP before they even got AF back and they just assumed the Vitex wasnt working since AF never showed for them, but then they find out a month later that they have a BFP.

Any insight or advice would be great - and not just from ladies taking Vitex either! This is all a bit new to me and I would like to understand it all a little better to help increase our odds.

Thank you!

-------------------------UPDATE 7/9/2013-------------------------------------

Still no AF. I just wish she would show. It would make it easier to figure stuff out.

Anyway, was feeling kind of frisky yesterday and late in the evening I started having some discomfort/mild cramping on the left side of my pelvis and into my lower back. With it being isolated to one side I thought (again) maybe it could be ovulation related. So, right before DH and I DTD, I used an OPK. Nothing. Not even a line dark enough to tell a line was even there. This was the lightest one I have taken yet and still leads me to believe my initial cramping at the end of June was possible ovulation. Every OPK has gotten lighter and lighter the farther away from that initial cramping I have gotten.

I guess I need some Witch Dust or something. I had a horrible migraine yesterday and DH ended up getting me chocolate and pork skins after work because that is all that sounded good. Today, I have no appetite for anything. I am not a chocolate craver by any means - except in the past when AF has been around. Keeping my fingers crossed that she rears her ugly head soon.

I would like to start charting my temps every morning, but I have such an erratic sleep schedule that I am not sure if it would work well for me. Can anyone elaborate further on the process of charting and maybe give some tips or pointers on how to remember to do it each day.

Thank you.
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