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June 30th, 2013, 12:37 AM
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hi lucy and thanks ,my doc said when he did the hycosy that he couldn't see my right tube when dye went in ,dye just didn't flow ,my left tube flowed ,as im doing clomid next cycle I thought that id only have one egg/tube to work with ,my doc told me that no I wont ,I will still o from both sides and that if I o from my right side the egg will head towards my left tube that is open ,so makes no difference my right tube being blocked ,where a few years back they woud of taken tube away etc, they have studied that now and found the eggs just go to open tube no matter what side they come from ,that is if it is blocked !! as I spoke to him about that too ,I asked if my tube tube could have spasamed ,he said that yes that was possible too, because he didn't see right tube dosnt mean it is 100% blocked .the only way to tell 100% is to go in a op to have a look ,which he dosnt think is the way forward for me ,cause my blood wk so good ,best to go forward with clomid and trigger for 6 mths !! does that help hun ? is that what you meant ?

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