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June 30th, 2013, 05:09 AM
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I FF my first and BF my second. What I learned my second time around is:

Invest in a very good pump. I tried with one of the $80 playtex ones and would get like 1 oz...I even tried that with baby #2 and went out the next day and bought a top line medella...and was pumping about 8 oz a breast out! Huge difference.

Don't FF at all. I supplemented with my first when I just didn't feel like BFing, even when he was like a few days old, I thought whats the harm in one little break and let someone else feed him?? I didn't build up a milk supply. With bb #2, I breast fed everytime and built a great supply.

It can be uncomfortable but not down right painful. With baby #1, I have EXCRUCIATING pain!!! And thought it was normal, turned out I had thrush, sometimes newborns can have a little in their mouths and it can develope on your nipple. Very easy to treat but let go it is aweful!! by the time I went to the doc and got meds I have stop BFing from the pain altogether...

Have support!! I had no support. My mother who is no longer in my life anyway, at the time was angry she couldnt feed the baby and discouraged BFing (yeah she's an ***) anyway, you might feel determined now, but when you are days and days of sleep deprived and exhausted (and in my case recovering from a bad labor, tearing etc) its easy to let someone talk you out of BFing...have people around you that will support and help your decision!!!

Oh and I know this is a no-no but I coslept with baby #2, for me just made BFing easier. But that's a personal choice.

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