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June 30th, 2013, 05:28 AM
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AF came today! Must have been a combination of complaining on here, testing yesterday, dtd and wearing white underwear that brought her on! lol Most of us on here aren't happy with CD 1 but I am because it was such a long cycle!

Just curious what all of you are doing (or did if in the tww) to increase your odds, including doses. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from each other This is what my supplements are like this month:

Soy iso: CD 3-7. Haven't decided if I'll take 150mg every one of those 5 days or do varying doses. I will be taking it at night.
Prenatal vitamin: every day (the soy iso I am taking also has calcium and folic acid so I think I'll be getting about 800mcg of folic)
Calcium: every day , 500mg
Iron: I might take an iron pill because I have heard it can up fertility and because I'm often anemic anyway. I'm not sure yet though because I'm already on a ton of other might be too much for me to coordinate!
Green tea (to increase CM): 1-2 cups a day until ovulation
Water: At least 2 liters a day to increase CM

OPKs and I'm going to give temping a go. Not sure how I will do because sometimes I randomly wake up at 5am (I want to test at 7am every day). Not sure how accurate it will be for me. I thought about using evening primrose oil to increase CM but I think it will just be too many pills for me to take faithfully.

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