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June 30th, 2013, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by JaeSung View Post
You don't necessarily have to have medical intervention. There are three options. Natural. Using pills. And D&C.
And no, I did not use the pills. I asked for them, so I'd have them on hand in case I decided waiting for it to happen naturally was taking too long.
First of all, I am sorry I got confused about whether you took pills or miscarried naturally.

Also, I think there is a bit of a confusion about 'missed' miscarriages and 'natural' miscarriages. In my case, I had a 'missed' miscarriage where essentially the baby is not alive/growing anymore and the body still believes it is pregnant. Without an ultrasound finding out that the baby is no longer alive, the woman continues to believe she is pregnant and could continue to believe that for months. Essentially the body will not miscarry on it's own, unless with some help. In my case he said I had two options...pills or a D&C, but due to my bloodwork he said that the pregnancy had continued for far too long to be able to use pills (usually used before 9 weeks pregnant and I was already 12 weeks pregnant at the time of finding out) and therefore I had to have a D&C. Probably, if you were diagnosed with a 'missed' miscarriage, it was very early on and your body did figure out what to do naturally, but in most cases a 'missed' miscarriage is found much later and needs external help to clean everything out.

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