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June 30th, 2013, 09:45 AM
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Good morning everyone!

M2M--sorry about all the water problems, that is NUTS!! I'm glad you've found an affordable washer replacement and got the smell out, how did your hair turn out?

FW--hope you all have a good time with your exchange student, that sounds exciting!

UM--I have also been super grumpy most of this month. I swear I'm not even having mood swings, I just veered right into grouchy and got stuck there. And I 100% agree with you about the fireworks all night long. In our old town, I swear they started in May and didn't stop until it snowed. It was obnoxious. Stop by 10 or 11, people need to sleep! And I also get antsy about the name towards the end. I think we've decided on Cecily Elizabeth for this baby, but I'm not 100% sure, part of me still loves Penelope (nn Poppy) and Lucy... but I've been feeling Cecily for most of the pregnancy. I'll probably wait and make the final call once I see her.

BabyMakes8--congrats on the 5K! That's awesome!

I had some preterm labor and had to spend Saturday night being monitored at the hospital. I was having contractions and dilation but then baby flipped breach and it all stopped, so I didn't have to have any meds to stop it but they wanted to keep an eye on me. I got 2 steroid injections just to be safe since I was at a higher risk of delivering early due to the choroiangioma anyway and now I'm supposed to be on bedrest. Ha. I'll see what I can do, DH is handling the weekend really well, but tomorrow it's back to work and his MBA classes start again. The last time I was on bedrest we hired a part time nanny to watch the kids and DH worked 1/2 days at the office and 1/2 days at home. But, this time we don't have the cash for the nanny and he's got work and school commitments and I doubt he'll have to freedom to work from home, so we're just crossing our fingers and doing our best to get through the next 4 weeks, hopefully without him having to take a leave because we really can't afford it.

Other than that, we've got Matilda's 5th birthday coming up on Thursday and a bunch of people coming whenever they **** well feel like it and a big part of me wants to just tell them all to stay home now, but apparently, they're not getting the message. I know I complained that there wouldn't be a big family gathering for M's birthday, but now it's worse. I specifically invited people to come July 3-6. Instead, I've got MIL and FIL coming July 1-4, My dad and step-mom July 4-6, my sister cancelled (I think? Not clear?) and my BIL and SIL coming July 11-14! On top of that, other friends coming to visit the weekend after that, but at least that's only one day. How am I supposed to be on "bed rest," have a birthday party, and deal with so many visitors? This is all feeling like a mistake. (the visitors, not the baby!)
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