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June 30th, 2013, 09:48 AM
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OOh man what day yesterday was. So Old Navy had a sale on flip flops for $1 and tanks and shorts and things...soooo...I decided how great that would be for me to buy all 7 of the kids, me and DH a rainbow of flip flops to wear with any outfit!! HAAAhhah

was I stupid!! we get there at 10.30am and the store is litterally stuffed with like a million people! the lines went to the back of the store!!!!! That is CRAZY !!! The flip flops are only reg like 5 bucks or so ..but anyhow we walked out immediately !!

Today we are suppose to be going to another big BBQ picnic thing in park but Im leaning towards Dh taking the kids and me staying home.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
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