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June 30th, 2013, 10:02 AM
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when used properly even deet products do not cause any proven increased risk of birth defects. (most recommendations against it are because of allergic reactions)

however it isnt that hard to find deet free bug spray almost any children's formula will be.

if those doesnt work and your still worried simply use one with a lower concentration of deet the higher concentrations only effect how long it lasts not how effective it is.

only 5% to 10% of pesticides from bug sprays will be absorbed into your blood and that is when they are placed directly on your skin so if your still worried even with a low concentration you can simply put the majority of the product on your clothing instead of your body.

if you wanna go totaly spray free iv heard that both lavender essential oil (wear it like perfume) and dryer sheets (rub them over your clothes then put them in your pockets) repel most mosquitoes but i haven't personally tried either.

(idk why it like triple posted this lol but i think its fixed now)

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