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June 30th, 2013, 10:28 AM
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Long story short - my husband and I LOVE the name Emma. I know Emma is VERY popular so I am starting to think I need to be a little more creative to get the Emma name I love, but not have my kid (if it's a girl - we won't know until it's born) be among lots of other girls with her name. Just to add, Jo will be part of her name somewhere as it is my mothers middle name and my mom is very special to me.

What do you prefer or think flows better?

Original Name:Emma Jo - Jo for the middle name

Other Options:
Emma Jo Renae - Emma Jo is the first name Renae is the middle
EmmaJo Renae - same as above but now you can tell EmmaJo is the first name and she doesn't have two middle names

I don't think I want Emma-Jo because I don't like the -

ANother option would be to have the middle name Marie instead of Renae but thats a middle name problem and not a first name problem.

Just curious what others thoughts are. I know in the end we will choose what we like but I would love some input from others outside of DH and myself. I'd ask my mom, but she doesn't want to know the name until it's born...

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