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June 30th, 2013, 04:31 PM
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I am a pcos-er and have recently started taking Vitex. Currently taking 3 (400mg) capsules a day. Have not O'd for quite some time now. Same with AF. But, after taking the vitex for only a week, I can feel my lady parts starting to come alive. Pelvic cramping started yesterday as well as twitching in my upper thighs. Both are things I have experienced in the past with AF. (Praying to see her any day now.)

Also have been eating a lower carb diet with a lot of fresh fruit. I've cut way back on caffeine and increased water too. On the off chance I was ovulating and didnt realize it, I have also been elevating my hips after BD. Now that we have reached the one year mark for TTC though, I have started with the Vitex and OPKs to try to help us increase our chances.
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