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June 30th, 2013, 06:59 PM
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So since we got O a day early last time for camping, she asked that she pick him up a day early from us. No issues there. Well on Friday night we told O she was picking him up early and he said Why? We told him because he came camping. He said, and I quote, "But it was my decision to leave her and come camping, it should be my decision if I want to go to her house a day early and I dont. It should be up to me. I want more time with you guys. I dont get enough time with you guys. Cant I just be with you guys for like two weeks?"

We explained to him that we need to be fair, and a week with her and then a week with us is fair. He said, "But I just dont want to go back there."

We did what we could to talk to him and make him understand our hands were tied. He seemed to be okay, and seemed okay when she picked him up.

This Friday night, we get a text from BM. "Hey sorry I know it's late and O said you're out of town, but O is really really missing you this week. Can you give him a call?"

So he calls, and she answers. Says he's been really explosive lately and yelling at her. And when she sat down with him to see what was wrong, he admitted he really missed his dad and wanted to go back to his dads but didn't want to hurt her feelings. She told us that she told him it's not a contest, he doesn't have to feel like he has to choose who he likes better, and if sometimes he feels like he misses his dad, to just let her know and he can call him. He said "I dont want to call him I want to see him. I want to go there."

SO anywho, we talked to him on the phone, joked around, told him we love him and miss him, and we pick him up now in like 15 minutes. I can't wait to see the little dude. Eric only has to work two days this week, and we have big plans for the fourth of July, PLUS, I just redid O's room and he has NO idea! I can't wait for this week!


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