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June 30th, 2013, 07:34 PM
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Yeah...they're not well liked. Its an older couple, they must be rattling around in the house (the houses here have at least 3 bedrooms - built for families). The husband had a high profile job and suddenly resigned and there is a huge investigation on going. They never talk to anyone. Our neighbour beside them, hung a hummingbird feeder (ie all of not even a quarter of a lb) from the fence...and she flipped and yelled at him. Our neighbour also has a trampoline, and they move it around the yard so as not to get a dead spot and she came over and told him he had to move it since she didn't like his daughter (actually his granddaughter that lives with them) looking at her. Seriously? So glad we aren't right beside them!

I just waited over 5 minutes for my water to boil for my tea. I didn't even turn on the burner I gave up and poured a rum and coke instead LOL.
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